Maarten van de Voort, VDT / BVFT

Tonmeister / sound-recording / sound-design

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Welcome and thank you for visiting my website,
on June 12th 1972, I was born in the Netherlands. After studying at the university of Amsterdam, I moved to Hamburg. I call it my home since August 1995 and live here with my family.

In 1997 I started working freelance as a sound-engineer for filmproductions all over the world. I like working for feature films as well as for documentaries and commercials. The conditions for my work are totally different in these categories of films. I like all three and love to mix them. If you scroll on down, you’ll find a selection of some productions I worked for, divided by category.

I recorded sound for films all around the world; from Alaska to Zimbabwe, from Zambia to Afghanistan. I worked on sailingships on oceans, the icy cold northpole and hot asian deserts. I climbed high mountains with my equipment and walked through deserted rainforests and big asian cities. I worked in warzones, on military aircrafts, on banquets, with kings and queens, criminals and gangsters, homeless people and hollywood stars.

I have a very modern set of equipment, which is ever growing and always being renewed so I keep up to date with modern technology. I always try to keep myself mobile and flexible, so I can adapt to different locations and teams quickly and easily. I always carry several backups with me, so I can guarantee good sound whatever may happen. To transport my equipment and crew to whatever location I need to go, I drive a comfortable 4WD.

I am a native speaker of the english, german and dutch language and do some swedish, french and spanish as well. I like painting, cooking and good wine, so I play football and squash to keep my body and mind in shape. I don’t like dubbed movies or religious extremists nor people being loud or complaining about the weather. I do like political discussions, Liebermann, Vermeer and Munch as well as books in hard covers and any kind of creative music...enjoy!

with sunny regards,


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